Cirencester Ramblers

March 5th Ampney St Mary

Five walkers met at Ford Farm and walked to Saint Mary’s Church in Ampney St Mary, a church standing by itself as the village was moved after the Black Death Plague. Going on to Harnhill they past the Christian Healing Centre and went through a plantation of 170 Saplings planted by the Royal Agricultural University to celebrate 170 years.

They entered Driffield visiting the Church and a coffee break was taken at Lamb Copse. Heading past Charlham Farm House and into Ampney St Peter where the Victorian Letterbox painted gold from the 2012 Olympics was viewed. They visited the Church and crossed fields to Ampney Crucis, admiring a gate made by a blacksmith with all tools of that trade welded on to it, before returning to the start.

Only a few walkers went as most were enjoying a weekend away in Sidmouth, enjoying unexpected good weather and marvellous views.

Avoiding the puddles!