Cirencester Ramblers

February 19th Tetbury

On Sunday 19th February 31 members and 4 guests enjoyed a 6 mile walk from Tetbury. The group took the Monarch's Way over the ford and along Longfurlong Lane to Elmestree Lodge, before taking the path across the fields to Charlton Down. This brought them to Hookshouse Lane and the Macmillan Way where they had their coffee stop near Hookshouse Pottery.

Continuing on the Macmillan Way the walkers crossed the A4135 and then took a track called Chavenage Lane, before taking the path past the Hermit's Cave and on to a lane. They returned on lanes with fine views of Tetbury, passing Charlton House and crossing the A4135 again before taking a footpath past Cutwell Farm back into Tetbury where pubs and tea shops awaited.

Leaving Tetbury by the ford on the Monarch's Way

Crossing fields to reach Charlton Down

On the part of the Macmillan Way known as Chavenage Lane

Walking through "Hermit's Cave" wood

Approaching Cutwell Farm as we return to Tetbury

A chance to wash our boots as we arrive back

A selection of flowers and animals encountered on our walk