Cirencester Ramblers

August 7th Stanton St Bernard

Fifteen members went to the cafe at Alton Barnes and ate cake, oh and we had a bit of a walk too!

From the car park at Workway Drove we ascended Walkers Hill, a beautiful wild flower meadow with extensive views over the Pewsey Vale and the famous White Horse. From there we descended to Alton Priors went through some turnstiles, which made a pleasant change from stiles, visiting a redundant Saxon church and the source of the River Avon on the way.

In Alton Priors some gallant members came to the rescue of a damsel in distress who had a flat tyre. After changing the tyre she gave us a potted history of Alton Priors landmarks as a thank you!  After sampling the delicious home made cakes in the beautiful gardens of the Honey Street CafĂ© we followed the tow path of the Kennet and Avon Canal to Stanton St. Bernard, from where we climbed Milk Hill, joint highest point in Wiltshire with nearby Tan Hill, then followed the Wansdyke back to the start. 

A most interesting walk on a beautiful (but bit windy atop the hills!) day.


Bob and Sylvia, our intrepid leaders

Ramblers to the rescue, changing a tyre for a damsel in distress

By the old Barn in Alton Priors

We look inside one of the horse drawn holiday caravan at Alton Priors

Where are the Path Maintenance Volunteers when you need them?  Luckily Bob had a sythe in his rucksack.

Delicious Cakes at the Honey Street Cafe alongside the canal