Cirencester Ramblers

January 31st Bibury

16 ramblers set off from the centre of Bibury, walking by the Rack Isle (named after the wool weavers who used to stretch their cloth to dry on wooden racks), which is a great haven for water voles, ducks and other wildlife. Turning right by Arlington Row, the most photographed cottages in the Cotswolds, they proceeded uphill to leave the village. AfterAfter crossing two fields, they turned left to Shagborough Copse, which brought them to the old Roman road of Akeman Street which went from London to Cirencester.

After a while they left the road and walked across the fields in front of Coneygar Farm where a coffee break was taken. The group descended through trees to the River Coln where they turned left to follow the river back towards Bibury having walked six very muddy miles. On the way they enjoyed a very brief ray of bright sunshine, just enough time for a group photograph.


Downhill Path to River Coln


River Coln now in sight and flooded fields beyond


Hanging Rucksacks at the Coffee Break


We find the sun at last