Cirencester Ramblers

January 24th Bisley

On Sunday 24th January 14 people set off from Bisley to walk a nearly figure of eight (8.5 miles).  Having turned left from the car park they made their way down to the bottom of the valley and over a stream.  Climbing up the other side onto a lane they turned right and continued down, passing a farm and a couple of houses through Througham Slad., The route continued on a long drive taking them back up hill in a half circle, then left down to the bottom of a track where a spring was in full flow.  Just able to cross without getting wet feet they continued up the steep hillside to the top, where a coffee break was taken looking back with a lovely view of Througham Slad.

The walk then took them along a track across field edges where the spire of Bisley church was visible, eventually coming to  crossroads, which was the second part of the figure of eight.  Having crossed straight over and down into a small wood, the route took them through fields to reach a lovely view of Lypiatt Manor, where lunch  was taken. After lunch they walked into the woods of the Toadsmoor Valley on the edge of Eastcombe, eventually making their way around the large lake and up the other side to continue to the edge of Bisley.

 Then they walked past the famous wishing wells, (where well dressing takes place on Ascension Day each year, a tradition dating back to 1863 which is carried out by pupils from Bisley Blue Coat School to give thanks for the village's clean water)  to return to the start.

Marian and Richard ready to start

Sarah washes her muddy boots

Nearly at the top Phil

 Coffee overlooking Througham Slad

Negotiating a tricky stile


Pause before a climb

Are we lost?  No!



This is my best side

Sue washing her boots  in Toadsmoor Woods

Feeding time at Nashend

Leaving Toadsmoor Woods

At Bisley Well

Resident ducks at Bisley Well