Cirencester Ramblers

The gate is named after Jean and Peter {deceased} Clemence who were founder members of the group and acknowledges their 100% commitment and involvement with the Cirencester group over many years.

As part of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations, Cirencester Ramblers decided to install a kissing gate and on Saturday 2nd August 2014 the Clemence Gate on the Kingshill Meadow estate was officially opened. (As building work is continuing on the Kingshill Estate the path to the gate will remain closed, for public safety,for the next few months).

Fourteen members, including the Richard Holmes, current Footpath Secretary, Coralie Dustin and Jean Clemence, former footpath secretaries, gathered at Mulberry Court on the Kings Meadow Estate to perform the Opening Ceremony.  After a short walk along a footpath they reached the new gate where they were  met by Sid Mathews who told us about the four generations of his family who  have used this path over the last 100+ years. Richard Holmes, Footpath  Secretary gave a short speech and Stuart Dyer spoke briefly about Jean and Peter Clemence.

The replacement of the original stile with a kissing gate means that the path is much easier to use for everyone, (see photos below) but also allows access to the route for people who would find any stile a barrier. It is also easier for those walking dogs, better for children and is intrinsically safer than climbing a stile. They identified this location as it is an important walking route to connect Cirencester with Preston and beyond and it opens up a number of attractive circular walks.

However things are never simple, just to arrange to install this gate has taken almost a year – permission had to be sought from Gloucestershire County Council and the landowner. The contractor was then commissioned by GCC, who were due to install the gate just before Christmas. This was cancelled due to a vehicle breakdown and then for the following four months the floods and their aftermath kept the contractors busy on more urgent projects. So eventually in Early May Steve and Tom from Green Attitude started on site. However things still did not go smoothly, the path was falling away from the hedge and needed to be shored up, the ground, Cotswold brash, proved to be much harder and stonier than expected.

However eventually the gate was in place and we need to thank Rod Graham for installing the plaque and the Cirencester Ramblers Group and Gloucestershire Ramblers Area for their support and funding for this project.