Cirencester Ramblers

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On 12th August the group travelled to Far Oakridge to continue to clear the Wysis Way. The secton was not very well marked and after finding the start with some difficulty due to a car parked across it, they proceeded to clear a very blocked path.

After a brief coffee stop (thanks for the flapjacks, Richard) they continued along the path uing the very limited amount waymarkers to sign the path. Finding a nice clearing for lunch in the sun we relaxed for a while and sampled Shirley’s excellent Courgette cake, before retuning along the path still finding parts to be cleared.

Richard does the Health and Safety check before we start

Clare has a lesson in Waymarking

Walking through the jungle to start clearing at the other end

Alison discovers a hidden sign

Alison and Marian put up a waymark as Clare supervises

Lunch break in the sun